Environmentally Friendly Nature and Bog Walk By Newmans'



 What is a Bog Walk?

A very good question. The picture above is a bog walk manufactured and installed by Newman's. It spans across the huge bog located in Red Lake, Minnesota. Our bog walk has many enviromental benefits. To start with it has injection molded decking that is manufactured with recycled plastics. This decking is environmentally safe and also allows over 60% of the sunlight to permiate through. This allows the vegetation to continue to grow virtually undisturbed. This is certainly a plus to environmentalists. The decking has no chemicals like green treated lumber does. Green treated wood contains arsnic and other dangerous chemicals that overtime would contaminate the ground, the water, and the vegetation. This recycled plastic decking will not lose its integrity or strength over time, like wood does either. The bogwalk itself has to bear the weight of large animals, like bear and moose. It must also withstand the large groups of visitors that come to see the Preserve.

The entire frame of the bog walk is built using aluminum, another recyclable material. The combination of injection molded recycled plastic decking and aluminum framework, makes a structure that is virtually maintenance free. This is necessary considering the temperatures in Minnesota fluctuate over 160 degrees at times, with its hottest summer days close to 100 degrees and its coldest winter nights sometimes as low as 60 degrees below zero with wind chill.

Wood and steel structures have a shelf life and require much more maintenance than the reycled decking and aluminum bog walks we offer. This assures that many people will benefit for years to come.


From left to right: DNR Resource Specialist Chris Weir-Koetter, Friends of Big Bog Chair Dave Leonhart, then DNR Commissioner Gene Merriam, DNR Naturalist Bryce Anderson and Big Bog Manager Doug Easthouse at the Big Bog State

Recreation Area grand opening on June 4, 2006.

Minnesota DNR

Children scope out wildlife from the bog walk at Big Bog State Recreation Area. The bog walk's environmentally friendly decking allows for 60 percent sunlight penetration so that it can remain just as green below its surface.